NYC DOB (Dept of Buildings) and NYC ECB (Environmental Control Board) issues violations for  all types of signs, awnings and canopies that are in violation of the NYC Administrative Codes.

These violations apply to signs:

  • Installed without a NYC Sign Permit,
  • Not using a NYC Licensed Sign Hanger
  • Exceeding the zoning regulations
  • Lighted signs, landmarks and multiple infractions of the codes.

They can issue multiple violations to the same sign until the violations are corrected and cleared.

Each Violation is now considered a Class 1 Hazardous Violation. 
Each violation can be $10,000 plus a $5,000 surcharge.

NYC Sign Violations can only be corrected and cleared by NYC Licensed Sign Hangers.

Paul Signs Inc. is a NYC Licensed Sign Hanger and
can legally remove DOB and ECB Sign Violations.

All signs in NYC are required to have NYC Sign Permits and
Installed by NYC Licensed Sign Hangers.